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$120    60 min  |  $150  90 min   

MLD is based on the foundations of a gentle massage, maintaining rhythmic movements and specific compressions. Its main goal is to stimulate the lymph glands, guiding the lymph flow back to the blood circulation, helping to flush out water excess and toxins, improving general well-being. 


The Lymphatic System is part of the Immune and Circulatory system. Composed by veins and lymph nodes strategically localized, the lymphatic system is responsible for collecting and draining metabolic waste, toxins and water excess. By stimulating the lymph nodes and pushing the lymph toward the heart, it will go back inside the blood stream, filtered by kidneys and flushed out through urination.


  • Detoxification

  • Swollen Reductions

  • Fights Water Retention

  • Combats Cellulite

  • Helps Weight Loss

  • Reduces Lymphedema

  • Relieves Heavy Legs

  • Boosts Digestion

  • Reduces Bloating and Constipation

  • Speeds Up Healing Process

  • Improves Metabolism and Circulation (Oxygenation)

  • Boosts Immune System

  • Promotes Relaxation


Lymphatic Drainage is not indicated for bacterial or fungus infection, open wounds, tuberculosis, thrombosis and heart, kidneys, or liver failure. 


$150    60 min  |   $180  90 min

ALT is a gentle, light touch non-invasive technique to stimulate the proper flow and drainage of the lymphatic system. A combination of vibrational, light, and electrical waves helps to stimulate the flow by causing the dissociation of proteins that have become trapped in the interstitial.



Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a technique which uses pressure and motion applied with the hands to help stimulate proper lymphatic fluid flow and drainage. The primary purpose for MLD therapy is to treat lymphedema patients, and is used all over the world by certified therapists.

Although MLD has its place, ALT can stimulate the lymph at a greater depth and will enhance lymph flow with far less therapy time. The enhanced stimulation of ALT has provided benefits to many of our clients who experienced limited response from MLD.


About 60% of our body is water and most of this water is waiting to be collected and flushed through our lymphatic system. Since lymphatic organs plays an important role in the immune system, the proper flow of the lymphatic fluid can positively impact many conditions:

  • General Inflammation

  • Lymphedema

  • Edema and Water Retention

  • Cancer

  • Heart Disease

  • Post Cosmetic Surgery (reducing healing time)

  • Cosmetic Enhancement by Fluid Deposit Reductions

  • Lyme’s Disease 

  • Pre and Post Athletic Application - decrease muscle/tendon strain and healing time

  • Enlarged Prostate

  • General Detox and Cleansing



Click here for a more detailed article describing the history and development of ALT.


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